Ion Terguță: Implementing statements on state capture is zero priory

Implementing the statements on state capture is the zero priory of the PPPDA’s candidate for President Andrei Năstase. “All the problems derive from here, such as injustice, generalized state of corruption, which exists in the Republic of Moldova. There is one more solution: extended confiscation of the property of all state functionaries who cannot justify it, either prosecutors, judges and all those who have worked for the state for 20-30 years and have a salary of 3,000-10,000 lei, but possess property worth millions of euros,” said the secretary general of the Party
“Dignity and Truth Platform” Ion Terguță, who is Andrei Năstase’s representative.

In IPN’s electoral debate “We and the President” who elects who, who represents who?”, Ion Terguță said that Andrei Năstase can guarantee the resolution of society’s problems, such as injustice and corruption, and he is the only one who can implement the mechanism for freeing the state from captivity. “During only several months as head of the Ministry of the Interior, he managed to start criminal cases about which no one wanted to even think. Among the cases associated with Andrei Năstase are the conviction of the former SIS chief for the expulsion of Turkish teachers based on the case started by Andrei Năstase, the case of Metalferos, the billion theft, the listing of Plahotniuc as wanted,” he stated.

Ion Terguță noted that when the candidate’s country project “Moldova Tomorrow” only started to be designed, they thought about the extent to which its provisions can be implemented. They consider the pension in the Republic of Moldova can be raised and thus propose amending the Constitution so as to specify the minimum subsistence level and this level is taken into account when the state budget for next year starts to be drafted. “The President has the right to submit legislative proposals. We will not go to Parliament. We will hold a referendum and will ask the current and future pensioners if they want this to be stipulated in the Constitution,” he explained.

Ion Terguță said another electoral commitment of Andrei Năstase is to reopen factories and this is also an achievable objective. “If the Republic of Moldova can now afford a budget of about 6 billion lei for building roads, half of which is definitely stolen by different schemes, why can’t half of this sum be directed to reopening factories and plants? There are internal funds in the underground economy, about 30 - 35 billion lei, with which we can finance this project too if we manage to legalize it through correct political instruments and policies,” he argued.

The electoral debate “We and the President” who elects who, who represents who?” forms part of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency in the framework of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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