Ion Terguță: For us, it is not a matter of principle for PPPDA’s candidate to be Moldova’s President

Ion Terguță, secretary general of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”, said that for the PPPDA it is not a matter of principle for namely the party’s candidate to be the next President of the Republic of Moldova. “What is important is for this President to meet the legal requirements of this post,” he stated in a public debate entitled “Political or apolitical, party or common candidate for next elections, why?” that was staged by IPN News Agency.

From the viewpoint of the PPPDA, the future President of the Republic of Moldova should ultimately manage to unite society, should offer a prospect to this country and should create a development corridor for it. Moldova hasn’t had a President who would impose his stance on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Igor Dodon goes to Russia more often than to his parents in Sadova.”I also mentioned former President Nicolae Timfoti because he was the approximate model of how a President should look like according to the Constitution. Mister Timofti probably didn’t make use of all his prerogatives, but the current President of Moldova also cannot do much in the current conditions of the Republic of Moldova,” stated the politician.

Ion Terguță noted that the PPPDA does not struggle against any of the political parties of the Moldovan right. “The DA Platform appeared as an expression of the people’s opposition to the oligarchic system and it was a matter of honor for us to remove this system and Igor Dodon is our next target and we will struggle with all our strength for this man to never become again Moldova’s President and to even disappear from Moldovan politics, if this is possible.”

According to the politician, Igor Dodon does things that he cannot do as he does not have such prerogatives, trying to copy Vladimir Putin in Moldova. But Moldovan society does not accept such a kind of behavior no matter how many problems it has in terms of democracy.” I think that owing to this revolt instinct, Igor Dodon will no longer have the possibility of becoming President. We have a lot of discussions here and in our environments, but this does not mean that we will not reach a consensus at a certain moment,” noted Ion Terguță.

The debate “Political or apolitical, party or common candidate for next elections, why?” was the 124th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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