Ion Tăbîrță: Political right should realize importance of the moment

If the political left unites, before the snap parliamentary elections the political right should provide an appropriate response and show unity, said political commentator Ion Tăbîrță. According to him, a geopolitical struggle will be staged in the upcoming elections and the unification of the forces of the left can be Moscow’s project aimed at keeping the Republic of Moldova in Russia’s sphere of influence. Therefore, the commentator recommends the parties of the right to combine forces so that the pro-European segment dominates in the future Parliament, IPN reports.

Ion Tăbîrță expressed his regret at the fact that the forces of the right remain divided, when the stake of the July 11 elections is huge for the pro-European course of the Republic of Moldova.

“It is important that the political right should realize the importance of the moment. We have the happy opportunity when the parties of the right can form an authentic pro-European government that would want the change, not a government diluted by the PDM. Unlike at other elections, the pro-European parties now have a great trump card, which is the diaspora. The diaspora is an enormous force and it is pro-European,” Ion Tăbîrță stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

“The left regroups its forces. The PSRM and PCRM left all the animosities aside and combined forces. Maybe the Russian Federation united them or maybe Plahotniuc did it. On the other hand, we have the bloc formed by Renato Usatîi. It is not excluded that this construct is also supported by Moscow. As the political left unites, the right should respond appropriately,” said Ion Tăbîrță.

The PSRM and PCRM on May 12 announced the formation of an electoral bloc for the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. The PAS said it will compete alone in the elections, while the PPPDA and PLDM could not agree the formation of an electoral bloc.

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