Ion Tăbârță about impact of U.S. events on other states

The impact of the events that happened in the U.S. on January 6 cannot be estimated for now, but this will definitely exist as the United States are a symbol of democracy globally. Many authors of political theories say the U.S. is the state where democracy started, Ion Tăbârță, expert in international relations, stated in IPN’s public debate “What is going on in the U.S.? What will happen in the world?”.

The expert said he already noticed rancorous and ironical attacks and allusions in relation to the U.S. of other states that are direct rivals of the United States and that are not democratic societies. “That act of January 6 will serve as an occasion for particular societies that are not democracies to attack the U.S. and its democracy. Democracy in the immediate period will be under siege because, given that the free and “non-free” societies have been always in a confrontation, these societies that are in competition with the U.S. will hit democracy further. We will see how the U.S. manages the situation,” stated Ion Tăbârță, noting society in the U.S. was radicalized and the politicians stir things up in society in this regard.

Ion Tăbârță anticipates the Moldovan-American relations will be reviewed as the Trump administration didn’t show interest in the geographical area that includes Moldova, but the administration of Joe Biden is much more connected to the Republic of Moldova and, in general, to the geographical region that embraces Moldova. “The Americans, when they discuss the relations with the Republic of Moldova, address them together with the relations with Ukraine and the whole region. The fact that the future President Biden visited the Republic of Moldova is an advantage and we expect the interest in the Republic of Moldova and in the region of which it forms part will increase and the systemic problems faced by the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine could be solved. It would be ideal if the solving of these problems takes place based on a constructive dialogue also with the Russian Federation, which is a very influential player in the Black Sea Region. We will see if the two administrations, from Washington and Moscow, are ready to make concessions and deal with the problems faced in the region,” stated the expert.

As to the current situation in the U.S., Ion Tăbârță said he considers it was all an accident, not a tendency to repeated anti-democratic actions and processes. “I want to believe it was rather a short circuit. There were particular social processes in the U.S. that caused this phenomenon. We must admit that this phenomenon was determined by Trump, who is an anti-system political player. The American institutions will resist and will later attentively analyze the developments and will propose solutions to solve the problems existing in American society. For a period, the democratic model promoted by the U.S. will be criticized by nondemocratic societies. After overcoming this shock, democracy will become again the development model for the organization of society worldwide.”

The public debate “What is going on in the U.S.? What will happen in the world?” is the 166th installment of the series “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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