Ion Manole: Civil society contributes to defending democratic values

“The opinion of civil society should be listened to and asked even when this is critical, either it refers to the government or the opposition, especially when this criticism is different from the official one or from the criticism leveled at state institutions,” Ion Manole, executive director of Promo-LEX Association, stated in IPN’s public debate “Government’s actions in relation to regulatory and inspection institutions: between de-capture and democratic backsliding”.

“Governing is a rather ingrate mission. On the one hand, the power is subject to different criticism, objections and attacks on the part of political rivals or contenders. On the other hand, it is important to understand that those who were elected to posts should put at the forefront the law and the population’s interests, the observance of the rules adopted by the state institutions. The responsibility will anyway belong to the government, either they listen to public opinion or the opinion of relevant players or not. It is better to make sure that you hear and analyze all the objections, recommendations and criticism either these come from civil society or from the opposition,” he stated.  

Ion Manole gave the example of Promo-LEX, which has the necessary experience and expertise as regards the serving of public interest. “The findings and recommendations of Promo-LEX, especially in the electoral periods, but not only, can contribute to the proper functioning of the democratic processes and the adoption of efficient decisions by the state institutions. “

As to the necessity of communication between societal players, Ion Manole said the political forces, either they are in power or in the opposition, want first of all to be credible, for the people to have confidence in them, to go to the polls and vote for them on the election day. Confidence is needed for the purpose. Confidence can be obtained or maintained only if there is proper communication between citizens and political parties and between political players, even if they have different objectives and political platforms. The interest of all the parties should be the public, national interest. In this regard, intense communication between the political players is needed so as to realize how these problems can be solved better.

“Civil society in the Republic of Moldova has played an important role in strengthening and promoting the democratic values, including in defending these. It will remain as vocal and critical for all the processes taking place in the Republic of Moldova. I refer to the democratic processes that should be in the interest of citizens,” stated Ion Manole.

The public debate “Government’s actions in relation to regulatory and inspection institutions: between de-capture and democratic backsliding” was staged by IPN in the framework of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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