Ion Dron: Model of dictator President appears when people live in poverty

Today, some of the candidates for office of President try to establish a model of President who knows everything and can do everything, but these actually lie as they will not have powers. This is serious as the citizens want order and decent living conditions, while the model of dictator President appears when the people live in poverty, the head of the Center of Initiatives and Public Authorities Monitoring Ion Dron stated in the public debate “Presidency, President and presidential elections: processes, tendencies and effects” that was staged by IPN News Agency.

Ion Dron noted that it is now hard to understand what type of President the Moldovan voters prefer. It is difficult to answer this question. There is no extensive sociological study that would show if Moldovan society is of the left or of the right by mentality. The model of President preferred in society depends on the mentality of the majority.

“Judging by what we see and hear, it seems that the people tend towards a presidential republic and want a Lukashenko or a Putin in Moldova. The incumbent President and other aspirants for this post also tend towards such a model as they say “I will come, will decide, will do” without looking at the list with the President’s powers,” noted Ion Dron.

In another development, Ion Dron said the citizens weren’t asked about the method of electing the President. In legal language, this means the citizens weren’t asked about the form of government. But this should not be yet done as many citizens, including representatives of the political class, don’t know the difference between parliamentary republic, presidential republic and semi-presidential republic.

“The citizens delegated their powers to the political class so that it decides what form of government to choose. But this doesn’t ask them how to govern. It is ultimately the political class that decides, making use of the existing intellectual resources. The citizens cannot decide as they have another task.”

The public debate “Presidency, President and presidential elections: processes, tendencies and effects” was the 152nd installment of the series “Developing political culture through political debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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