Ion Chicu: It is not suitable for opposition to dismiss Government now

The opposition does not intend to dismiss the Government now as it is not ready to assume responsibility for the destabilization of the situation in the country before the presidential elections, IPN quoted Prime Minister Ion Chicu as saying in the talk show “Important” with Lilia Burakovski on TVC21 channel.

“They started to assert that the current Government should be removed on November 14 last year, when the Cabinet was appointed. The attacks on this Government, which is labeled as absolute evil, haven’t stop and will yet continue. During the past three weeks, attempts to dismiss the Government weren’t made. Until the start of May, they said that a no-confidence motion would be submitted immediately after the state of emergency is lifted and the Government would be removed and they would come and show how the country should be managed,” stated Premier Chicu.

According to him, the parliamentary opposition is not ready to dismiss the Government as this is not suitable for it from political viewpoint. “They are now considering how reasonable is from political viewpoint to remove this odious Government and to discredit themselves for good during the six months that remained until the presidential elections? I was wondering what they can do further. They will probably wait in July and August and could later desire to remove this Government two months before the presidential elections. This will enable them during two months to blame the previous Government for everything and to promise that if a particular person is elected President, everything would change in the country. Such moves can be easily intuited.”

Ion Chicu said that even if the PSRM-PDM coalition will not enjoy a majority of votes in Parliament, he will not resign as Prime Minister. “I consider myself a responsible person. I do not want and do not intend to push the country towards instability as this would be an irresponsible step. If the current parliamentary majority stops existing, we will not allow the situation to destabilize. Surely, if the parliamentary majority stops existing, the Government’s possibilities will be very limited as we would not know if we would enjoy support in Parliament for a particular bill. But we will not resign as there is no need to hurry naming a new Prime Minister. […] If someone wants to destabilize the situation in the country, they should assume responsibility. I and my colleagues do not want to do as the opposition would like us to do.”

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