Ion Chicu about political situation in Moldova: It’s disgusting for me to speak

The political situation created in the wake of the developments around MP Ștefan Gațcan is an example of the things that should not be done. Moreover, what happened in the country during the last two days causes only disgust, Prime Minuses Ion Chicu was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Fourth Power” on N4 TV channel.

“I’m trying to think about the people who three months ago went to the polls and elected their MP. I’m thinking about them first of all. I think the result clearly shows what state we reached as a country, as a nation, as a society, especially the elite that by definition should lead the people to a particular direction, should give examples, should sometimes teach the people how things should be done. Regrettably, what we see today is an example of the things that should not be done. That’s why this film or this epopee provokes only disgust, only regrets. We became degraded as a society and no longer see solutions, ways out. This is serious. I do not want to make comparisons, but it is disgusting for me to speak when they sell themselves, buy, replace,” stated the official.

As to the fact that the Government assumed responsibility for four laws before Parliament, being aware that it does not enjoy full support in the legislative body, Premier Chicu said they only made use of the legal instruments available to the executive.

“The fact that today Parliament does not allow the Prime Minister to present the given bills and actually excludes itself from this process defined by the Constriction means only one thing – that Parliament blocks the Government. It does not allow the Government to fulfill its duties and blocks the bills that I’m sure are awaited by society. On the other hand, they do not come with a motion of no confidence and do not remove the Government. A question appears, what’s the real goal? It’s clear that it is an evil electoral strategy when you do not assume responsibility for the developments in the country and allow the Government without instruments in the evil hope that the situation in two-three months will fully worsen and you could then come on little white horses and say that these are purebred horses,” said the official.

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