Ion Cebanu: Power at municipal level is usurped following Dorin Chirtoaca’s arrest

The power at the Chisinau City Hall is being usurped and a person who came through the back door and has no legitimacy is now holding mayoralty, chairman of the Liberal group on the Chisinau Municipal Council Ion Cebanu stated in the public debate “Administrative and political interference in capital city” that was staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

The Liberal councilor said that after Mayor General Dorin Chirtoaca was suspended, the power in the municipality was usurped. Dorin Chirtoaca is the elected mayor, while the deputy mayors are not elected and the appointment of deputy mayors is the prerogative of the elected mayor general.

“There are several persons who serve as deputy mayors and two of them were named by another deputy mayor. The question is: whose assistant is Silvia Radu? She is the assistant of Dorin Chirtoaca because he is the mayor who has a mandate and what is going on now is usurpation of the power in the municipal executive. That’s why all the things that followed can be brought into question,” stated Ion Cebanu, noting that the whole municipality will be affected, while the so-called reforms initiated by Silvia Radu will not have an economic impact as they were initiated to get rid of particular functionaries.

The councilor said there is chaos at the City Hall as those from subdivisions do not know where to go. Tender contests are not held, but palpable results should be ensured in summer already. The public procurement procedures at the Health Division and the public health facilities were suspended. There are no exact predictions as to the effect of the so-called reform. The citizens are in a tragic-comic position and try to explain things that are evident. Silvia Radu suspends the works needed in hospitals and annuls the CMC decision. “How can a non-elected mayor, who came to the Chisinau City Hall through the window and is not representative, annul the decision taken by the municipal councilors? What kind of reforms do we speak about?” asked Ion Cebanu.

He recommended the citizens not to accept the situation at the City Hall as things seem to be a game, but can subsequently generate serious consequences for the people. “When Missis Radu also presents a report on the work done during the first 100 days in office, this is something not typical of a democracy and this will affect the citizens who live or work Chisinau municipality,” added the councilor.

The public debate “Administrative and political interference in capital city” was the 87th installment of the series of public debates “Developing political culture by public debates” that are organized with assistance from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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