Government will be voted in because parties are not ready for early elections, debate

The Government will be most probably installed by Parliament this week as the parties are not ready for early elections. The participants in the public debate “Culture of early elections. What society must know, expect and demand when early elections take place as a result of a political crisis”, staged by IPN News Agency, are practically convinced that the new executive will be voted in soon.

Mihail Camerzan, a member of the Political Bureau of the People’s Party of Moldova, believes that the Government will be invested as the present rulers are afraid to remain without power. They are also aware that the agreements with the EU will be signed only if the Government is voted in.

Expert in electoral strategies Olga Nicolenco voiced hope that the Government will be installed this Thursday as this is the smaller evil that will cause less damage to the country than the possible early legislative elections. The ruling politicians realize that if the Communists return to power, they will be the first to answer for their acts.

Communist councilor in the Chisinau Municipal Council and political analyst Victor Gurau said the new Cabinet may be soon voted in, but it will be temporary as early elections will anyway take place, if not this autumn than next spring, because there are no internal and external resources for stabilizing the political situation in Moldova.

Political analyst Igor Botan and expert of the IPN project within which the debates are held, could not say what is better for the country – early elections or the installation of a new Government. “A group of people who do not trust each other decided to rule the country together during a profound crisis. They are irrational in their behavior. The voter turnout will be very low in the possible elections,” he stated.

Igor Botan also said that no matter what happens, the European course must be kept at any cost. “A small and powerless country must have a predictable behavior before the partners. Moldova cannot afford to have an oscillating behavior. The politicians must make effort for Moldova to become associated with the EU,” he stressed.

The public debate “Culture of early elections. What society must know, expect and demand when early elections take place as a result of a political crisis?” is the 18th of the series of public debates “Development of political culture by public debates”. The project is implemented by IPN with support from the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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