Injustice in Moldova flourishes and case of Oleg Pruteanu is a pertinent example, lawyer

Lawyer Ala Raevschi said that injustice flourishes in the Republic of Moldova and those who should do justice are offenders themselves, while the case of Oleg Pruteanu is an example of injustice.

In a news conference at IPN, Ala Raevschi said that Oleg Pruteanu has been held illegally for 32 months, in the absence of a sentence, with the flagrant violation of the Constitution and the Penal Procedure Code. The legislation provides that the remand detention should not exceed 12 months and the longest period is accepted only in exceptional cases. There are signs that this case was fabricated by order and these signs are associated with the torture of detainee Pruteanu.

“The intimidation of lawyers and other parties, blackmailing of the sides involved in this case, threatening of witnesses, intimidation of judges by police officers and prosecutors, evident falsification of alleged evidence and documents make me think that the case of Oleg Pruteanu reached the limit of a phenomenon from which the danger is projected not only onto this case, but also onto the state of affairs in justice and our society in general,” stated the lawyer.

According to her, the prosecutors acted by order of the superiors and fabricated this case. “If the requests to extend the remand detention are examined, the acts of the judges who accepted them will become clear,” she said, noting that not only injustice, but also impunity persist and those who committed illegalities continue to work in the system. Some of the petitions addressed to the administration of the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t reach the incumbent prosecutor general. “I want to call on the prosecutor general to break this vicious circle.”

Ala Raevschi said that Oleg Pruteanu was investigated and charged by former managers of the Ministry of Home Affairs and subordinate institutions, but nobody proved his guilt.

The lawyer also said that the law enforcement agencies during the past few years have mimicked the fight against trafficking in drugs in Moldova, centering on the name of Pruteanu. They truncate and fabricate cases by order, against innocent persons, so as to distract public attention from the real offenders.

The news conference titled “Injustice that kills. Serious details about the case of Oleg Pruteanu, who has been illegally held under arrest for 32 months, without a sentence. He was taken out of the hunger strike that lasted for a month almost dead. What do experts in the field say about this case” forms part of the series of conferences held in the framework of the IPN project “Injustice Revealed through Multimedia”. The project’s partner is the Lawyers Union of Moldova. IPN Agency does not assume the right to decide if the organizers of news conferences are right in the cases about which they will speak as this is the exclusive prerogative of justice, but the exaggeratedly long examination period of these cases, which is much longer than the law allows, can be considered an act of evident unfairness and injustice. IPN News Agency does not bear responsibility for the public statements made in the public sphere by the organizers of news conferences.

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