In plan to restore USSR, Moldova and Ukraine are bundled together, opinions

Given the destabilization attempts, concrete steps are needed to build the Republic of Moldova’s resilience, said political commentator Anatol Țăranu after yesterday the governments of the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland warned the Republic of Moldova about the Kremlin’s attempts to influence the outcome of this autumn’s presidential election. In the same connection, columnist Alecu Reniță said that Russia has not abandoned the idea of keeping the Republic of Moldova in its sphere of influence, and in Moscow’s plans to restore the USSR, Moldova and Ukraine are bundled together, IPN reports.

Yesterday, the governments of the U.S., Canada and the UK warned about attempts by the Kremlin and its agents to influence the outcomes of Moldova’s fall 2024 presidential election. According to the joint statement, Russia is currently supporting candidates for Moldova’s presidency and is exacerbating societal tensions. In this connection, political commentator Anatol Țăranu said that the Moldovan authorities should amend the legislation and provide the SIS with more levers to combat subversive actions.

“We need concrete steps to raise the degree of resilience of the Republic of Moldova. Based on the practice of other states, which encountered similar situations, with dangers to national security, we should come up with adjustments to the legislation to open the doors more widely for the SIS to fight subversive actions. Criticism can arise here because when the capacities of the special services increase, the problem of democracy and respect for human rights appears. But we must understand that the existential dangers to the state require actions that also bring limitations. We need to adjust the information policies in the state so that the citizens are fully informed about the possible dangers. And very precisely it must be shown where these dangers come from and who are those who create these dangers,” Anatol Țăranu stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Columnist Alecu Reniță noted that the work of state institutions is endangered by people loyal to the Kremlin regime, who act against the interests of the Republic of Moldova.

“We have signaled very many times the influence, the dictatorship, the unseen services of Russia. It goes to moles, networks of people, parties, the mass media that, all taken together, have influenced the political course of the Republic of Moldova. This oscillation that occurred between the West and the East was influenced by a massive penetration of Russian services in the institutions of the Republic of Moldova. It’s much more convenient to take power peacefully than to enter into a military conflict that costs billions and shows the imperial essence of the Russian Federation, its barbaric essence. That’s why they are trying in the Republic of Moldova to create chaos, destabilization, to change power so that they do not have a Ukrainian variant in the Republic of Moldova. I know for sure that in the plan for the restoration of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine are bundled together. The moment Ukraine falls, it should be clear to everyone that the Republic of Moldova will also fall as an independent state,” said Alecu Reniță.

The statement of the governments of the U.S., Canada, and the UK also notes that the Kremlin intends to incite protests in Moldova should a pro-Russia candidate not win. Moldova’s Western partners stressed that they stand for free and fair elections and will not tolerate the Kremlin’s attempts to meddle and undermine democratic processes in Moldova.

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