In case of “Metalferos”, they follow arrest, blocking and bankruptcy scenario, statement

Representatives of the Moldovan Employers Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals Recycling and Collection Association said they have all the reasons to believe that the arrest, blocking and bankruptcy scenario is followed in the case of “Metalferos”, while the prosecution bodies unconsciously play the game of those who want to take over this segment of the market.

In a news conference at IPN, the Association’s president Ion Drăniceru said the prosecution body accuses the companies involved in the case of cooperating with SA “Metalferos”. The companies are also accused of purchasing scarp at one price and at selling this at higher prices. “Someone, including the law enforcement bodies, should explain to us how the business is done, especially because they do not calculate all the costs, such as salaries, transport, storage, guard, very expensive equipment so as to ultimately have real profit,” stated Ion Drăniceru.

According to him, this case started against his mates is based on the statements of Valentin Eșanu, the founder of “Sofilarex” and Sofilarex Plus”. “The criminal case started against our colleagues from the ferrous and nonferrous scrap market of the Republic of Moldova is based on his statements. We, the members of the association, continue to express our bewildered at the position of the Prosecutor General’s Office, namely over the situation on the ferrous and nonferrous scrap market.”

Ion Drăniceru noted that the PGO makes the accusations in the absence of fiscal inspections at the involved companies. Such inspections should be ordered so that the prosecution is based on concrete evidence. “These inspections were to identify possible violations, illegal transfers through these enterprises, payments made without justification or ill-gotten gains”.

According to him, in 2019-2020 a number of enterprises involved in the case of “Metalferos” were examined by the State Tax Service, but no violations were identified there. “We understand that they intentionally do not want to investigate this case through the angle of tax inspections as this would strip the PGO of the possibility of further manipulating public opinion.”
Ion Drăniceru also said that those from the PGO pretend not to realize that the formulation of such accusations actually leads to the blocking of the companies’ activity. “Those with which they work start to behave reticently for fear that the PGO could create problems to them for the simple reason that they work with those whom Valentin Eșanu aims to destroy,” he stated, noting the company founded and managed by Eșanu is the only business entity that works unrestrictedly on the scrap market. “He continues to say that he is persecuted, but he develops his business at a swift pace.”

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