Ilan Shor suggests solutions for recovering money stolen from banks

The leader of the Shor Party Ilan Shor, ex-president of the Administration Board of Banca de Economiii (Savings Bank), published the letters that his lawyers transmitted to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Bank of Moldova and the Ministry of Finance, by which they asked for representatives to be designated from each institution so as to launch discussions on the recovery of the money stolen in the bank fraud case. “We will see if the authorities really want the money to be recovered, as they promised and as the citizens expect, or they will continue the show staged during the past seven years,” Ilan Shor posted on his Facebook page, being quoted by IPN.

In an interview for a TV channel on April 29, Ilan Shor said it will be a sincerity test for the authorities and for the whole political class. “I’m ready to provide solutions to recover the damage that was caused not by me. I refer to the damage imputed to me. If they want, I will provide the solution and the problem will be solved in three days,” said the leader of the Shor Party, noting that he knows who the real beneficiaries of this money is and how it can be recovered and he is ready to physically attend the hearings if the remand detention measure imposed on him is annulled as he considers it illegal and aimed at keeping him far from the political arena.

He also said that the shareholders of the banks liquidated in 2015 are ready to cover the portfolio of nonperforming loans that total about 5.2 billion lei and to then return the damage caused to the state and to recover the sums from the real beneficiaries of the bank theft. “The shareholders buy the debts of those who took out these loans and we will then claim these debts from them. We know how to do it. If the state does not know how to do it and didn’t return any leu during seven years, it means they made only empty promised,” stated Ilan Shor, noting the authorities do not have the right to refuse as such an operation from legal viewpoint is absolutely legal.

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