Ilan Shor could remain without salary of MP

The leader of the Shor Party Ilan Shor is likely to remain without the salary of MP and without allowances and compensations paid to MPs. The Parliament’s legal commission for appointments and immunities examined a request to assess the legislative work of MP Shor, IPN reports.

In the meeting, the commission’s chairman Vasile Bolea said the request was made by Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi following the Standing Bureau’s decision of December 4, 2019, by which relevant changes were made. These provide that the MPs who do not take part in the Parliament’s work for over a month are stripped of salary until they return to work.

A relevant decision is taken when the MP is groundlessly absent from the plenary sittings, does not take part in the meetings of the standing commissions or other activities related to the legislative process and in parliamentary delegations. The Parliament’s Secretariat furnished the commission with relevant data and this proposed that the Speaker should make an order to suspend the payment of the salary, allowances and compensations to Ilan Shor.

In June 2017, Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven years and a half in jail for causing damage to the state by swindle and abuse of trust. The case is pending at the Cahul Appeals Court. At the start of last July, legal action was taken against the leader of the Shor Party for fleeing Moldova in breach of the ban imposed of him.

In the middle of last August, Parliament decided to lift the parliamentary immunity of Ilan Shor at the request of the then acting prosecutor general Dumitru Robu. Under that decision, Ilan Shor can be arrested, searched and tried “for abuse of power in the interests of an organized criminal group”, as Robu stated.

Ilan Shor, who was elected MP in single-member constituency No. 18 Orhei, attended only several sittings of Parliament when the current legislature was only formed.

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