Igor Klipii: European integration hasn’t yet become national cohesion factor

“I hope the Republic of Moldova will obtain the (candidate country) status, but it is important not to get into a panic if this does not happen. It is important to learn the lesson,” the associate expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” Igor Klipii, a member of the Committee for Unity and Welfare, Moldova’s ex-Ambassador to Lithuania, stated in a debate hosted by IPN.

The expert considers that during the visit to Chisinau paid by President Emmanuel Macron, whose country holds the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the message expected by our country to be delivered at the upcoming EU Summit can take shape. “His statements at the joint news conference with Maia Sandu will generate optimism or pessimism,” stated the speaker.

The ex-Ambassador said investments will not come if the country does not become anchored in a concrete geopolitical space. “The role of Romania in this case is crucial. It is regrettable that we neglected it and continue to neglect it, I think. We must unify society and choose the road that we want to cover and work”.

Asked by the moderator to speak about the Committee for Unity and Welfare, which undertook to support the European integration effort, Igor Klipii said they support Ukraine as they consider that Ukraine’s struggle will influence Moldova’s European destiny. “We also tried to warn the government about the inefficient communication. Effort should be made for the European integration to become an instrument, a social cohesion factor. But the fact that we (civil society) didn’t see the EU questionnaire seems a communication blunder of the government to me,” stated the expert.

Speaking about the objectives of the new civil society entity, Igor Klipii said that the Committee tries to react there where the authorities do not see things because they are overburdened, but the situation there can be corrected if there is communication and the feedback of the community is experts is not ignored. “We try to be as pragmatic and as coherent as possible and to come with reactions on subjects that seem sufficiently important for being addressed, with arguments and persons established in the field, ensuring the quality of expertise”.

The expert said a declared partnership with Romania and the Baltic States could have increased Moldova’s chances in the European integration process. “I’m sure that these countries support the cause of the Republic of Moldova unconditionally, without being asked even. They can also persuade other states like Denmark, which substantially supports Ukraine’s military capacities, but has reservations as to this country’s European perspective.”

The public debate entitled “Summit of the European Council of June 23-24, 2022: To be” or ...”to be” for Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova? What can decision be based on?” was the 253rd installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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