Igor Grosu: We call on Cabinet to come up with another draft budget and fiscal policy

The parliamentary group of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) requests the Cabinet to withdraw the draft state budget and fiscal policy laws and to propose new bills that would meet the people’s needs to Parliament. The head of the PAS group Igor Grosu in a press briefing said that the government submitted these important documents in a hurry so that Igor Dodon could promulgate them during the last days of his tenure, IPN reports.

“About 60,000 people lost their jobs, while one third of the small and medium-sized enterprises are close to bankruptcy. The government, instead of helping these people, continues to use schemes to promote discredited persons and laws made only for interest groups. Dodon and Chicu left the citizens and business entities to cope by themselves and didn’t offer them appropriate support for them to remain afloat and now propose to Parliament draft fiscal policy and a draft state budget that are disconnected from reality and will continue to deepen the crisis and will leave the people without jobs,” stated Igor Grosu.

According to him, the draft budget and the draft fiscal policy, in the form in which they were presented now, will plunge the country into greater poverty. Igor Grosu enumerated three reasons for which these are inacceptable and cannot be examined in the first reading by Parliament. First of all, the bills cut the people’s incomes so that Igor Dodon could take revenge on the people who didn’t vote for him. The bills contain a number of measures aimed against the people, such as the annual indexation of pensions by only 0.8%, annulment of one-off allowances for pensioners on holidays, elimination of personal exemptions for husband/wife and annulment of the 15% reduction for those who pay the property tax earlier.

Another reason for which the bills are inacceptable is the fact that they can lead to price rises and bankruptcy of local producers given that the VAT rate on primary agricultural production is raised from 8% to 12%. These measures will affect the famers and local producers, stated the MP.

Igor Grosu noted that while the people lose, corruption extends. Through the agency of the draft fiscal policy, schemes by which the budget loses hundreds of millions lei are introduced. One of them is the scheme with cigarettes of politician Eugen Nikiforchuk. Another scheme refers to the massive import of unauthorized drugs into Moldova. Tax concessions are introduced for bets and 68 million lei is allocated for the National Arena project.

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