Igor Grosu: If this is the face of justice, it needs to be changed and we have people’s support

The justice sector reform will continue despite the resistance put up by the system. The process enjoys the support of the people, the foreign partners and is based on firm political will, assured Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. The official expressed his disappointment with the decision taken by the General Assembly of Judges and with the judges’ refusal to elect judges who would serve on the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM). He noted that the persons who oppose the justice sector reform also oppose Moldova’s accession to the EU, IPN reports.

The Speaker said he was disappointed to hear those speeches delivered at the General Assembly of Judges and criticized the judges for the decision to interrupt the meeting until April 28. By the refusal to name the SCM members from among judges, the judges only delay the process of cleaning the system.

“I knew that things in justice stand badly, but they are much worse than I imagined. This shows that we must go till the end. I was shocked by the speeches of some of the more vocal judges there. These are persons who didn’t pass the pre-vetting and some of them even pronounced scandalous judgments and set free bandits who ordered murders. But there were also judges whose maturity I appreciated. The law says they must elect the SCM members. By the decision they took, they broke the law. If the judges break the law on the election of SCM members, this means that we are following the correct path and need to go on. This process will not stop even if they try to delay it. They have 100 years at their disposal. They put off the meeting until after Easter, showing how faithful they are,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Refection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

The official noted that the justice sector reform is supported by the whole society and will continue no matter how much the system opposes. This reform is the main condition imposed by the EU for starting accession negotiations and the process of cleaning the system cannot be delayed therefore.

“Dear judges, the people saw how naked the king is. Don’t hide behind the independence of justice. If this is the real face of justice, it needs to be changed. New people, fresh forces need to be brought to the system. Those who don’t want to change the system do not have any chance. We will be consistent. There is the support of the people and the international partners. There is a very firm political decision to implement the justice sector reform till the end. The en masse resignations are at attempt to sabotage the reform, to block the process of joining the EU as the justice sector reform is the most important of the nine recommendations,” noted the Speaker.

The General Assembly of Judges that convened on March 17 put off the election of SCM members from among judge who passed the integrity and professionalism test before the pre-vetting commission. The meeting was interrupted until April 28 and the challenges of judges rejected by the pre-vetting commission are to be examined meanwhile.

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