Igor Grosu: Andrei Spînu does his job well and is well-intentioned

The failure of the tender contest at the Chisinau International Airport damages the image, but the process must be continued so that this strategic facility is permanently taken out of the control of the bandits, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said after a new tender contest to lease out commercial spaces at the Airport failed. The official noted that the tender must be continued so that a reputable company that has international experience in managing commercial spaces comes to the Airport, IPN reports.

A new tender contest to rent commercial spaces at the Airport was stopped after Lagardere Travel Retail, the only participant in the competition, didn’t submit all the supporting documents to qualify for the final stage. The Speaker of Parliament admits that the failure to organize this contest tarnishes the image of the government.

“The interests are very great, especially from those who still own these spaces. The proceeds from the use of these spaces were used to finance the election campaign, paid protests. Part of the blame lies with those who drafted the specification and didn’t do it in the best style. The intention, I am sure, was a good one, for a real company to come, a company that has experience in managing similar assets in the European Union, not in Siberia. All the hysteria around this contest is damaging our image. I understand that the tender contest was canceled because the company didn’t present all the information, data. I hope that they will learn from this less pleasant experience - I refer to the administration of the Airport - and they will improve this specification so that good, reputable companies can easily prove what kind of experience they have so that we can lease out these spaces and are no longer at the mercy of a fugitive,” Igor Grosu stated in the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV.

The Speaker noted that the tender contest must be continued so that the commercial spaces at the Airport are used by a professional company with extensive experience in this field. He excluded any agreement between Minister Andrei Spînu and Lagardere representatives and said that all the accusations made against the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development are unfounded.

“Obviously, three attempts failed and this doesn’t look good. The serious companies that could come aren’t so many in number. But we must move forward and take care that this facility is removed from the hands of bandits, beyond all the image damage that was already caused. Let’s not touch Andrei Spînu. Andrei Spînu does his job well. So many things were tried to be attributed to him, in all possible and impossible areas. Andrei Spînu, I repeat, does his job well and is well-intentioned. He is very concentrated and works very hard,” said the Parliament Speaker.

Yesterday, the head of the Public Property Agency Roman Cojuhari asked the administration of the Chisinau International Airport to relaunch the tender contest to lease out commercial spaces and improve the process so that more renowned companies take part in the competition.

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