Igor Grosu about contract with MGRES: No political conditions were discussed

The discussions with the self-styled Transnistrian authorities centered exclusively on economic and commercial aspects, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu assured. The official noted that when the gas supplied by Gazprom is transferred to the left side of the Nistru, this becomes the responsibility of Tiraspol and Russia would not ask payments for this from Chisinau. The discussions about the strangling of the Transnistrian region’s economy are counterproductive and can lead to the escalation of the conflict, IPN reports.

Since the start of December, Moldovagaz has supplied to the left side the 5.7 million cubic meters of gas delivered by Gazprom to Moldova. Instead, Chisinau obtained an advantageous contract for the purchase of electricity from the Kuchurgan power plant at the price of US$73 per MW, as opposed to the average price of€ 400 paid for power bought on the Romanian Commodities Exchange.

“There were no political conditions. Economic, commercial discussions were held. Gazprom should address all the questions to those who consume the gas. The right side fully paid for the consumed gas. The left side has debts totaling almost US$9 billion. Gazprom has ignored these debts for 30 years. We know that the Transnistrian region does not have money to pay these debts, but this does not mean that we will repay something of these debts,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei station.

The Speaker rejected the accusations according to which the government supports the separatist Transnistrian regime, saying the rhetoric about possible default in the Transnistrian region is dangerous and can contribute to the unfreezing of the conflict.

“Let’s make a difference between the 200-300 individuals who proclaimed themselves administration in Tiraspol – the prosecutors should actually discuss with them – and several hundred thousand people who are our citizens. These people have families, parents and children who need to go to school. The discussions about the cutting of gas supplies for settling the Transnistrian conflict are useless as nothing can be solved this way. This means escalation, unfreezing of the conflict. I, as the Speaker of Parliament and chairman of the ruling party, don’t accept such scenarios. In times of war, we manage to maintain stability on the right side and the left side and this should be done further even if we will need to issue that environmental permit for a month. Let that plant work. Instead, the Government has other instruments it can apply to ensure fair competition between producers making the same goods on the right and the left sides,” said the official.

On December 5, the Commission for Exceptional Situations decided to extend the period of validity of the environmental permit for the Rybnitsa steel works until December 31. The Rybnitsa steel works is one of the three major taxpayers that support the budget of the Transnistrian region.

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