Igor Grigoriev: Igor Dodon’s goal was to remove leaders of ACUM Bloc from Parliament

President Igor Dodon resorted to forming a coalition between the ACUM Bloc and the Party of Socialists last summer in a move to remove the Bloc’s leaders Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase from Parliament, considers the former faculty mate of Igor Dodon Igor Grigoriev, ex-chief of the Public Property Agency. According to him, Igor Dodon accepted such a coalition in order to weaken the positions of the two political leaders, IPN reports.

Igor Grigoriev said that when the ACUM-PSRM alliance was being formed, he tried to come in touch with representatives of the Bloc. “I said then that even if the ACUM Bloc and the PSRM formed an alliance, with the PSRM being Dodon, the leaders of ACUM should remain in Parliament,” he stated in a program on TV8 channel.

According to Igor Grigoriev, that temporary, situational coalition formed by the ACUM Bloc and the Socialists was aimed at removing the leaders of the PAS and PPPDA from the legislative body. “The leaders of the ACUM Bloc should have remained in Parliament. Professional third persons should have been identified, not technocrats as they incorrectly say now. They should have identified professionals from the central public administrant or persons who held executive posts. This was the goal – to remove and weaken them. This was the goal of the PSRM and the PDM together,” explained Igor Grigoriev.

He also said that Igor Dodon formed the alliance with the ACUM Bloc out of opportunism, out of the desire to be always in the lead. “During these years, Igor Dodon hasn’t focused on the political administration of the state. He has dealt with politicianism only. This means obtaining of personal advantages and of advantages for his party, for his circle from what politics in the Republic of Moldova means,” said the former faculty mate of Igor Dodon.

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