Igor Dodon’s staff notifies law enforcement bodies of PAS MPs’ actions

Socialistic MP Vlad Batrîncea, who is the head of the electoral staff of independent candidate for President Igor Dodon, said that he notified the law enforcement bodies of the actions taken by the PAS MPs. Vlad Batrîncea noted that on November 11, the PAS MPs, accompanied by a group of people, entered a publishing house and staged a show there with the aim of blocking the electoral contender’s activity, IPN reports.

“It was done with the aim of generating hysteria in society, of creating false subjects and of blocking the work of the electoral staff of candidate Igor Dodon. Our local campaigners during the last few days have been intimidated, offended, abused. A number of campaign tents were damaged by instigators,” Vlad Batrîncea stated in a press briefing.

The MP noted this is vulgar behavior and an act of hooliganism that carries criminal punishment.

Vlad Batrîncea presented a long-term contract between the staff and the given private publishing house, which was transmitted to the police and the CEC. For its part, the publishing house signed a sub-contract with the state publishing house “Universul”. The newspapers of Maia Sandu are printed at the same publishing house. An analysis of the printed materials will be conducted to prove this.

On its Facebook page, the Party of Action and Solidarity wrote that 200,000 newspapers were discovered on only two minibuses. This is by over 150,000 more newspapers than the staff of Igor Dodon reported to the CEC. The newspapers on the third minibus are being counted. A number of PAS MPs are now at the Police Inspectorate and are taking part in the process of counting the campaign newspapers in favor of candidate Igor Dodon, which were found on the minibus near the “Universul” publishing house on November 11.

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