Igor Dodon: We cannot yet fully enjoy the country we live in. IPN interview

IPN interview with the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the declaration of Independence

– What is the most important accomplishment over the 27 years of Independence in your opinion and why? What didn’t we manage to obtain as a state during these years?

– We kept our statehood, neutrality and Moldovan identity, despite all the temptations and challenges. We proved that we can build our own destiny, in parts burdensome, with many difficulties and failures, but this made us stronger and prepared us to build the country for better times.

At the same time, we haven’t yet obtained social and political cohesion over a national idea of the Republic of Moldova, which would have the statehood and our Moldovan identity as the central pillar. When these things are ensured, our efforts in all the areas will have a higher output as there will be a cause that will inspire the people.

– What did the Independence for citizen Igor Dodon and his family mean?

– As all the Moldovans, in that period we were glad that we will have a state of ours, of which we would take care and which we would turn into a jewel of Eastern Europe. But the political and economic realities, the realities in the social and identity relations quickly dispelled our euphoria and hopes as the 1990s followed and these were very hard for the citizens, with many political mistakes and economic losses. We cannot yet fully enjoy the country we live in. But this is the blame not of the Independence, but of the corrupt and irresponsible governments.

– How will the 28th, eventually, the 29th and 30th anniversaries of the declaration of Independence differ from the current anniversary?

– The next anniversaries of the Independence will be organized by a different government. Our authentic values of Moldovan state will be ultimately placed at the forefront. We will be much closer to definitively solving the Transnistrian issue. The citizens will have greater trust in this state and I hope a lot that the exodus of people will decline as Moldova should become again attractive as a country, as a place to live in, first of all for its citizens.

–Why should a citizen of the Republic of Moldova feel proud to be a citizen of this state?

– There are thousands of ethnic groups and nations in the world that do not have an own country, statehood, sovereignty and independence. We should be proud that we, the Moldovans, managed to keep the statehood as we had it for centuries and, even if we go through economic and political crises, we know that we have what to struggle for as society and have what to leave as inheritance to our children and grandchildren.

Elena Nistor, IPN

Note: IPN News Agency conducted ‘mirror’ interviews (with similar questions) with representatives of the government and opposition leaders.

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