Igor Dodon: Sandu Government was going to fall anyway. Everything pointed to that

If the Government led by Maia Sandu had not fallen because of the initiative of assuming responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, then the executive would have stepped down for refusing to index pensions, for the high crime rate, for problems in the economy, everything pointed to that. The statement belongs to the head of state, Igor Dodon. According to him, the only alternative was to make changes in the composition of the Government, IPN reports.

"If they had not left for what they did these days, they would have left for not indexing pensions, for economic and crime rate problems. Everything pointed towards that. I mean, this Government was supposed to fall anyway. Or there should have been made changes in the Government, as I suggested them," the president declared on " Moldova live " show from on Moldova 1 public television station.

In his opinion, the Government caused its own dismissal. "It does not speak to anyone, makes a commitment to an unconstitutional bill, contrary to the agreement signed by the coalition and they tell us " if you do not vote on it, we will resign. "Obviously, a censure motion was filed due to this. (...) I still believe that they did it on purpose, they wanted to avoid responsibility as they could not cope with things, because they realized that it would be even harder later, because some were used just to going on trips," said Igor Dodon. According to the head of state, if the executive had wanted to keep working, a solution would have been found at the level of the leadership of the Parliament, the Presidency and the Government.

Moreover, Igor Dodon is of the opinion that in the current composition of the Parliament a new governing coalition can be made, again, only between the Socialists and the ACUM bloc. The president does not take into consideration a majority formed by the PSRM and the Democratic Party.

Igor Dodon has a first scenario for the created situation. "After the former prime minister has been dismissed, those in the ACUM bloc must propose another candidate and discuss it with the Socialist Party. If tomorrow the Socialists and the ACUM bloc find a common denominator and propose another Government, I'm ready to appoint this Government the day after tomorrow and move on. This is the basic scenario”, argued the head of state.

The Cabinet of Ministers led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu was dismissed yesterday, November 12, at Parliament's plenary. The motion of censure brought in by the Socialist Party group was voted by 63 MPs from the PSRM and the Democratic Party. Șor Party group MPs abstained from voting, while those from the ACUM bloc voted against.


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