Igor Dodon: Presidential elections could be held on November 8

The next presidential elections could take place on November 8, 2020. The election campaign would start on September 8 and the citizens in two months would choose the next President. The Government led by Ion Chicu could serve a full mandate, until 2023, President Igor Dodon anticipated.

“The Chicu Government will not be removed in 2020. I think in 2020 we will have only presidential elections, while the Chicu Government has all the chances to serve until 2023. The removal of the Chicu Government will mean snap parliamentary elections,” Igor Dodon was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Fourth power” on N4 TV channel.

Some of the members of the Chicu Government could be replaced, but not after the New Year, but in February – April. “The structure of the Cabinet should be modified as it is not functional. Some of the ministries should be divided into two and the posts should be reviewed again. Evidently, some of the ministers in this case will be replaced,” stated President Dodon.

He noted he considers the Democratic Party is not interested in snap parliamentary elections, while the party of Maia Sandu, in particular, wants snap elections. No one wants to form a parliamentary majority with the Democrats.

“Two parties want snap elections – the Shor Party and the PAS. Maia Sandu’s party wants snap elections as it could win more seats in this case. The Shor Party wants snap parliamentary elections because it had a not bad result in the local elections and they consider the conjuncture could be different and they would play a role. The party of Andrei Năstase does not want snap elections as it will most probably not enter Parliament. The PDM should not want snap elections as it will lose at least half of its 30 seats of MP. The PSRM is ready for snap elections, but why should such elections be held when there is a Government that cooperates with the President?” he wondered.

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