Igor Dodon: Parliament should be dissolved, but decree can be signed in particular conditions

President Igor Dodon, who runs for a new term in office, said a Parliament where 18 or 19 MPs switched parties for several times already no longer represents the vote given by the people in February 2019. According to him, this Parliament should be dissolved and the President can sign a decree to this effect, but in particular conditions, IPN reports.

According to him, the two situations are: when a new Government is not formed, and when the legislature hasn’t worked for three months and this three-month period ends in December. Even if he is ready to sign the dissolution decree, he is hopeful that Parliament will finally convene next week as there are laws that need to be adopted.

“I’m ready to sign the dissolution decree and consider that snap parliamentary elections should be held next year. But I would like these to take place in summer or in autumn,” Igor Dodon stated in electoral debates staged on Moldova 1 channel. According to him, the snap parliamentary elections should be held in summer or in autumn as these elections cost money and also, this winter, the pandemic should pass first.

Asked how he will fulfill his electoral promises, the candidate said a President can implement his/her ambitious program only if this enjoys the support of Parliament, the parliamentary majority and the Government. He was in the situation in which his efforts had been hampered by the Democratic government during two years and a half. “I’m supported by 37 MPs, of the Socialist group. My opponent has only 10 or 13 MPs who support her. Evidently, my chances of implementing the electoral program are much bigger. And I’m firmly convinced I will find a method to persuade the MPs, even without forming a parliamentary majority, the independent MPs to support the Government’s and the President’s initiatives,” said the electoral contender.

Igor Dodon is running for a new term in office as an independent, but is supported by the Party of Socialists. As in the presidential elections of 2016, he will contend with PAS candidate Maia Sandu in the runoff as the two obtained the largest scores in the November 1 elections, but not enough to emerge victorious, which is over 50% of the vote.

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