Igor Dodon: Opposition wants to block Government

“The Sandu-Candu-Plaha-Shor coalition” boycotted the Parliament sitting on July 2 so that the Government could not present the bills to offer by 700 lei in aid to 660,000 pensions, to raise the salaries of doctors in stages o that they are twice higher, to allocate 100,000 lei for the agriculture subsidization fund and to implement other important projects, President Igor Dodon stated in the program “President Responds”, being quoted by IPN.

According to him, if the Government does not present these bills in Parliament, the laws cannot take effect. The opposition intentionally blocks the Government so that those laws could not come into force. Discussions should be held with those from the Government and those from the government coalition so as to take a decision, but the people should know who blocks those bills.

In connection with the assumption of responsibility by the Government, President Dodon said that when there is no majority in Parliament, the Constitution provides that the Government can assume responsibility before Parliament for important bills, and the Government did this.

The July 3 sitting of Parliament could not take place either as the quorum was not present. Only 49 Socialist and Democratic MPs came to the assembly hall of the 101. MPs Ilan Șor, Ștefan Gațcan and Vladimir Andronache and those of the PPPDA, PAS, Pro Moldova and the Shor Party were absent.

As the opposition MPs didn’t show up, Premier Ion Chicu could not present the bills for which the Government assumed responsibility before the legislative body.

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