Igor Dodon: It is a fabricated political case

Ex-President Igor Dodon, who was arrested on Tuesday, said the criminal case featuring him was fabricated and is political in character. He noted he is sure that a correct and politically unbiased legal system will do him justice, IPN reports.

“During the past few years, I have been subject to attacks and to different slandering campaigns and unfounded accusations. However, they never acted in such an openly denigrating way as today when the investigators organized selective leaks of images or simply manipulated ably with different data so as to generate particular negative reactions among the public. It’s a pity as humanity should exist in politics too and it’s serious if this humanity was sacrificed for the sake of personal revenge against an opposition leader,” said Igor Dodon, who transmitted the message through the agency of his lawyers.

Igor Dodon assures that for each element that holds interest for prosecutors he has the necessary explanations for removing any suspicion of corruption and illegality. He noted that he was arrested because Maia Sandu and PAS cannot manage the economic and social situation in the country. “The prices go up, things worsen, the young people continue to emigrate, the government’s popularity started again to decline and the foreign partners ask that they should make serious concessions concerning the country’s sovereignty and economic security. Also, the citizens express increased dissatisfaction with these subsequent crises. They do not want Moldova to be part of the military conflict and are ready to mount large-scale protests and demand that these “non-good times” should be brought to an end and that things should return to normality,” said the ex-President, noting he will yet resist.

Igor Dodon called on his mates to show that they are the most important political force inside the country, which will not concede the neutrality, sovereignty and will listen to the voice of the people.

Following searches at the home of ex-President Dodon and at other real estate units registered in the name of persons who are close to him, Igor Dodon and his brother-in-law were placed under arrest for 72 hours. The two are featured in a criminal case started over passive corruption, acceptance of funding for the party from a criminal organization, treason and unjust enrichment.

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