Igor Dodon: I see no chance of creating a parliamentary majority

After the discussions he had with the MPs from the parliamentary groups, President Igor Dodon says he sees no chance for a parliamentary majority between PSRM and the ACUM bloc, as their positions are diametrically opposed to each other. In his opinion, the conditions put forward by the ACUM representatives "are similar to Maia Sandu’s initiative, which led to the fall of the Government, being an ultimatum, not something constructive". The statements were made at a press conference, held after the consultations, IPN reports.

"The Prime Minister was the most interested in generating this political crisis, as she was aware that the Government and the ministers couldn’t cope with the situation in the recent months and that an uncertain period was to ensue when the risks would have been even greater", stated Igor Dodon.

According to the head of state, elections can be avoided by creating a stable parliamentary majority or by voting for a technocratic government, proposed by the country's president. “The Socialists have shown readiness to form a coalition. They have said they are ready to negotiate only if there is another candidate for the position of prime minister. And it is logical, because she was dismissed yesterday and to propose her again to be voted by the Socialists would not be correct," noted the head of state.

"Those from ACUM bloc, from the whole group came two representatives, they said that they definitely do not accept this formula. They insist on the same prime minister, the same ministers, the same composition of the Government. And, in addition, they said that it would be preferable that the president leave the office, so as to have guarantees, it is not clear for what reason. This was the position of the ACUM bloc. I took note of this position and told them to make it public in order to see the reaction of the others,” said Igor Dodon.

The president describes the discussion with the PDM as thorough. "As far as I understand, they are focused on an important stage of internal reform. It seems, they do not want snap parliamentary elections. They asserted that they did not want to make a parliamentary majority with anyone. As for the support of a government proposed by the president, they have stated that it depends on what government it will be, what are its composition and program”, mentioned Igor Dodon.

According to the head of state, the Șor Party group was also invited for the first time and, regardless of whether "he likes or dislikes Sor as a citizen, the president must talk to everyone". The head of state has noted that the position of the Șor Party is somewhat similar to that of the ACUM bloc', that they want snap elections.

The president mentioned that the position and conditions of the ACUM bloc make him believe that they want snap elections or to stand in opposition in order to gain political experience for future battles. In his opinion, there is no need for snap parliamentary elections, because the country cannot be left for long in uncertainty.

The head of state recalled that he has three months, until February 12, to propose the prime minister candidacy. The candidate should go to the groups to present his program, then it would be clear whether or not he can obtain political support. If he does not obtain it, snap elections will follow and for this, says Igor Dodon, those who put the country at risk must be held responsible, however he will try his best to avoid snap elections.

Asked by journalists if there was already a potential candidate for the post of prime minister, Igor Dodon said there wasn’t.

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