Igor Dodon: Durleșteanu remains our candidate. Maia Sandu is afraid not to be overshadowed by future PM

The president of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Igor Dodon said Mariana Durleșteanu remains the parliamentary majority’s candidate for Prime Minister. The politician urged the PSRM to obey the Constitution and to nominate the candidate who is supported by 54 MPs so that this is invested during the next 15 days and starts to deal with the pandemic and economic crisis, IPN reports.

Igor Dodon said Mariana Durleșteanu continues to be supported by most of the MPs and if consultations are held with the President, Durleșteanu will be proposed for premiership again.

“We consider Mariana Durleșteanu is the most suitable candidate for Prime Minster in the current situation, with an economic, social, pandemic crisis. We suggested her and hope she will be supported. Missis Durleșteanu is much more professional than the current President and possibly Maia Sandu is afraid not to be overshadowed. But the ambitions should be left aside and the provisions of the Constitution should be obeyed,” Igor Dodon stated in the talk show “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

He noted he agreed the candidacy of Mariana Durleșteanu together with Parliament Speaker Zinaida Giyani and they are both sure that Durleșteanu will be a good Prime Minister. Mariana Durleșteanu accepted their proposal to compete for premiership.

“I reiterate our support for Missis Durleșteanu, even if she admitted publicly that she voted for Maia Sandu,” stated Igor Dodon.

He noted there are three possible scenarios for overcoming the political crisis and the voting in of the Durleșteanu Government is the most suitable solution for Moldova.

“Firstly, Missis Maia Sandu should obey the Constitutional Court’ judgment and sign a decree to nominate Missis Durleșteanu for premiership. The second scenario: there will be held no referendum and no snap elections and we will then have an interim government until the ordinary elections. The third scenario implies complete destabilization and mass protests,” said the leader of the PSRM.

After the CC declared the President’s decree to nominate again Natalia Gavrilița as Prime Minister unconstitutional, President Maia Sandu said the citizens will be those who will decide their future at snap elections or at a referendum. She avoided saying if she will comply with the CC judgment and will initiate consultations with the parliamentary groups.

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