Igor Dodon awaits parliamentary groups for discussion

On Wednesday, November 13, President Igor Dodon is waiting for the parliamentary groups to discuss the possible solutions for "overcoming the political crisis", IPN reports. The PSRM is expected at the State Residence on Nicolae Iorga street at 10.00, the ACUM bloc - at 11.00, PDM - at 12.00 and PPȘ - at 13.00.

The head of state's opinion is that PSRM and ACUM must go on together and appoint a new prime minister, by identifying a good candidate that he can put forward in the coming days. "I will instantly accept a candidacy proposed by the PSRM- ACUM parliamentary majority, other than the dismissed prime minister, someone who can continue to contribute to the implementation of reforms and the proper functioning of the governing coalition," said Igor Dodon, who is adamant against an alliance between PSRM and PDM.

According to the president, if the members of the ACUM bloc do not accept the dialogue, then "their desire to have snap elections is obvious". In this case, as president of the country, Igor Dodon says he will come up with "concrete proposals and actions to overcome the situation", including proposing a prime minister from outside the political world.

According to Igor Dodon, "the government has dissolved itself by intentionally provoking its own resignation". "What we have now is a political crisis and we must find the right solutions so that it does not turn into a social and economic crisis," the president stressed.

Igor Dodon maintains that the Government’s commitment to amend the Law on the Prosecutor's Office had nothing to do with the transparent and democratic election of a prosecutor general, "as it was falsely stated", but was "an unconstitutional, usurping measure, an attempt to politically subordinate the General Prosecutor's Office." According to Igor Dodon, this could have been avoided if Maia Sandu had talked with him and the PSRM before assuming responsibility for the bill.

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