Igor Botan: The return to cooperation between Socialists and Democrats means stagnation. IPN debates

The return to the natural cooperation between the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party means stagnation for Moldova. The European Union will continue to cooperate with Moldova, however, this relationship în its current form will not allow Moldova to develop. The silver lining of the current situation is the search for internal resources. The opinion was expressed during the public debates "Technocratic minority government as a solution: advantages and risks", organized by the IPN Press Agency, Radio Moldova and by Igor Botan, permanent expert within the project.

In his opinion, there is no contradiction between theory and practice in the context of the new technocratic minority government, appointed by the Socialists and the Democrats. The protagonists qualified the government as being a minority technocrat government, so the society must take note of it.

"We need to identify what are the hidden interests that influenced this government to assume this status. If we look very carefully at the situation, in order to break it down and to understand what is being pursued, we must look at the documents. The first document that we have to look at is the program of President Igor Dodon, which was voted and accepted by the citizens in the autumn of 2016, which clearly  shows his objectives. Presidential elections will be held next year and it is no coincidence that the government has been assigned for this year-long term. Mister Dodon has made it very clear that it would be a waste of resources for our country to have snap parliamentary elections and he is aiming to hold said parliamentary elections at the same time as the presidential elections. This would allow him to be both a candidate for the position of president, as well as the electoral driver for the Socialist Party", said Igor Botan.

The Democratic Party, which sent a very clear message that it is not interested in snap parliamentary elections, previously argued in favour of snap elections, which would have been held on September 6. "Pavel Filip even signed the decree establishing early elections, but then, a few months later, the PDM made a U turn and said that snap election are bad. All these things are related to the three parliamentary committees that investigate what is called state power usurpation , theft of the billion, the concession of the Airport and other things which occurred under the control of prominent members or persons affiliated with PDM", said the expert.

"From this point of view, the status given to the Chicu government should be debated in terms of interests. The political platform of the PSRM and the ACUM bloc, which was an unnatural platform, aimed at overthrowing Mr Plahotniuc. Vladimir Plahotniuc left, which should have triggered the deoligarchization process and the cleansing of the legal and regulatory systems. This didn't go too far and I understood why. We saw the ACUM bloc representatives expressing in public their regret that they should have started differently to govern, but they had no experience. They admit that they made mistakes. The current government has a completely different platform", said Igor Boțan.

In his opinion, the Chicu government program represents a continuation in a different atmosphere and circumstances of what the Sandu government started. "The most important task that President Dodon has formulated for the Chicu government is efficiency in the social field, which, in fact, is an increase of electoral bribes that were previously offered by the PDM to the citizens. The Chicu government, Mr Dodon and the Socialist Party are running an electoral campaign", said the expert.

According to Igor Botan, the key issue is Igor Dodon's personal security, who, starting with September 2018, has repeatedly talked about attempts on his life or about all kinds of conspiracies. "I believe that, as a human being, we can understand why he needs another presidential term - because he and the members of his family, as long as he is president, are offered protection by state institutions" , said the expert.

Igor Botan said that he is very sad and disappointed regarding how the society reacts to certain things, including to the current situation. "We have seen very large segments of our society that turned from voters into customers of social stores, customers of foundations that offer all kinds of services, recipients of Easter gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.. Some reactions included statements such as: "All politicians are thieves, but some are good thieves, who share their spoils with the people". In my opinion, Moldova is entering a stagnation period. That is, internationally we return to the idea of a country-bridge between the West and the East, which was previously announced by the Democratic Party, a party that started the "fourth way" and good relations with strategic partners. Disregarding other things, the new government focuses on the social sector, which brings electoral benefits", said Igor Boțan.

The debates "Technocratic minority government as a solution: advantages and risks" are the 121st edition of the "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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