Igor Boțan: Political factor cannot be removed from fight against pandemic

The political factor cannot be removed from the process of fighting the pandemic. It is important as the politicians adopt important decisions, including in the financial and economic sectors, and as regards the restrictions imposed during the pandemic. It is also important that the politicians do not change their attitude towards expert institutions, Igor Boțan, the standing expert of IPN’s project, stated in a public debate entitled “Why doesn’t COVID-19 recede? Who should do and what should be done?” that was staged by IPN News Agency.

“Our healthcare system is as it is. It is exhausted. Since March, these people have worked in the front line. They are indeed exhausted from all viewpoints and this aspect should be taken into account, especially now that the crisis expands instead of receding,” stated Igor Boțan.

In this connection, the expert proposed that the Supreme Security Council, which in March assumed responsibility for coordinating the fight against the novel coronavirus, should return and persuade society that it didn’t lose interest in the issue.

“It would be interesting to see the content of the strategy about which the members of the Supreme Security Council spoke in March. It should be thus published. We know that there were four directions on which the administration of the Republic of Moldova was to focus and they should tell us how the Supreme Security Council treats the progress or regression in these areas. We want to see what was done based on the ten solutions offered by this Council. Why doesn’t it show interest anymore after saying initially that the pandemic is a threat to state security?” said the expert.

Igor Boțan noted that statistics show those who contracted the virus are aged mainly 50 and up. The young generation that considers the virus is a lie and speaks about this didn’t think about the impact that the virus can have on the elder members of their families. Such an attitude has a ricocheting effect on the economy and, if the economy is brought to its knees, dissatisfaction in society should be expected.

The debate “Why doesn’t COVID-19 recede? Who should do and what should be done?” was the 139th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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