Igor Boțan: People want justice to be done in bank fraud case

During all times and in all societies, the people wanted one thing – justice – as they want in the case of the investigation of the bank fraud. If justice is done and at least a part of the money is recovered, while those who took part in the fraud reveal a number of things, namely how and with whose involvement this fraud was committed, social satisfaction will thus exist. The people should be sure that there is law and the politicians are not only cunning men, but are also persons who enter politics to solve people’s problems, expert Igor Boțan stated in the public debate “Why was bank theft brought back into focus?”, which was staged by IPN News Agency.
Igor Boțan, who is the standing expert of IPN’s project, said there is the Penal Code that clearly stipulates punishments for crimes, with maneuvering space from the mildest punishment to the harshest punishment. But this margin is applied depending on how cooperative those who are to blame for the theft are and if they are willing to help recover the stolen funds with their contribution. A compromise can be found for society in general, for the political class and for those who are to blame.

Speaking about the hearings held in this case, Igor Boțan said these were held behind closed doors and this bothered everyone. Even if the person is to blame, especially for economic crimes, there is no sense holding the hearings behind closed doors, with falsified reports where the data are changed. “Everything should take place in accordance with the law, including that indulgence, within that margin, so that the citizens benefit from a transparent and fair trial, with evidence, not with fabricated proofs,” stated Igor Boțan.

As to the hastening of the investigation into the bank fraud and its ending, the expert said everyone wants tings to be substantiated. It is important to prove the facts and to identify those to blame based on evidence. The hastening is less important.

Igor Boțan noted that the government was changed about a year ago and those who came to power promised that the investigation of the bank theft is their priority and they will contribute to the elucidation of resonant cases. The prosecution service was cleaned, political struggles over the justice sector reform followed and these are long-lasting processes. “We, the citizens, want those who are corrupt to be removed from the justice system so that competent persons who are dedicated to the cause replace them. But this takes time. The people want these processes to take place faster,” he stated.

The expert also said that the people want the struggles around the prosecution service and around the justice system in general to relax and the prosecutors and judges to be ultimately assessed, in parallel with the investigation of frauds.

The debate “Why was bank theft brought back into focus?” was the 136th edition of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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