Igor Boțan: Parliament’s potential will become evident after presidential elections

The potential of the current Parliament will become evident after the presidential elections. The Chicu Government also received a mandate from Paramagnet valid until the presidential elections, IPN project’s standing expert Igor Boțan said in the public debate “How much and how Parliament worked for the people during spring-summer session?” that was held by IPN News Agency.

“The Constitution says that the Government operates based on a program accepted by Parliament. I don’t know how this program will be described by the MPs, but I hope they will take into account the constitutional provisions and the Government after the presidential elections will anyway resign,” stated Igor Boțan, noting it is hard to say what will happen as everything depends on the result of the presidential elections, but those who say it is wise to prepare for snap parliamentary elections are probably right.

In another development, the expert said the problem of party switching cannot be solved very easily. There are the opinions of the Venice Commission, which treats with responsibility the representative mandate and will not support the introduction of an imperative mandate. The solutions offered by the European democracies do not match our political culture.

“For example, in Europe the parties agree between them that they will not accept turncoats into their parliamentary groups. If this principle is replicated in Moldova, this formula can be applied only to the group of the Shor Party that accepted two MPs of the PDM. The members of the Pro Moldova group joined no other party, but separated themselves from their former colleagues,” stated Igor Boțan, noting the MPs cannot be obliged to sign solemn statements as they are in the people’s service and should enjoy this freedom.

According to him, the solution for the politicians is to make sure that the candidates who want to join their parties share the party’s program and position. The problem of internal party democracy should also be solved, especially because the parties are financed with state budget funds.

The debate “How much and how Parliament worked for the people during spring-summer session?” was the 145th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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