Igor Boțan: Moldova is making effort to recover status of EU’s credible partner

The Republic of Moldova is in the process of recovering the stats of credible partner of the European Union. It depends on the political class if this process results in a return to normality. If so, the citizens, the county and the politicians who take part in the process will stand to gain only from the support provided by the EU, expert Igor Boțan stated in a public debate titled “About the quality of the EU-RM relationship through the angle of the six, old and new conditions” that was held by IPN News Agency.

“In particular, we realize how modest the Republic of Moldova’s development potential is. Without a partner like the European Union, which showed its readiness to help our country, it will be very hard to maintain decent living standards so that not all the people leave the country, said IPN Project’s standing expert Igor Boțan.

He noted that society can encourage the political decision makers to do reforms and implement the conditions imposed by the European Union. TheZ EU develops very interesting and useful projects in such localities as Cahul, Ungheni, Cantemir and others.

According to the expert, the cooperation with civil society is necessary. There are possibilities of exercising pressure on the decision makers and the circumstances are more powerful than politicians’ interests.

The expert reminded of the statements made by Prime Minister Ion Chicu in May. “Without being obliged by someone, the Premier made unexpected statements that impressed public opinion. He referred to the next agreement with the International Monetary Fund. In this connection, the Premier said he would like not only the European integration, but would also want the Republic of Moldova to join the European Union and to do reforms that are absolutely necessary for the state,” said Igor Boțan.

According to him, Ion Chicu is the Premier who enjoys the Socialists’ and Democrats’ trust. Even if he is not trusted by the opposition, the opposition long ago said what the Premier started to say now. Under the pressure of circumstances, an agreement between the political forces could be reached so that the Republic of Moldova overcomes the impediments and restores its relations with the EU and regains the status of a credible partner.

“Everyone wants this. Surely, the elections are elections and there will be competition between competitors, but the interests of the Republic of Moldova and the obligations towards the partners must be honored,” stated Igor Boțan.

The debate “About the quality of the EU-RM relationship through the angle of the six, old and new conditions” was the 147th installment of the debates project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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