Igor Boțan: Leaving of Gavrilița Government is legitimate, while expectations of future government are big

The Government led by cu Natalia Gavriliță resigned in accordance with all the procedures and its leaving is legitimate and decent given the very difficult situation in which the Republic of Moldova is now, the permanent expert of the project Igor Boțan stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“I do not have any doubts that this decision that was announced by Missis Natalia Gavrilița was preceded by discussions with Missis President Maia Sandu and with her mates from the Government and Parliament. I think the decision was a well-balanced one in a very difficult situation,” stated the expert.

 Igor Boțan considers the Gavrilița Government showed good capacities to manage unprecedented crises that overlapped each other.

“No government in the history of the Republic of Moldova experienced such crises. We have never witnessed a conflict that implies direct threats to the security of the Republic of Moldova, interwoven with the energy blackmail and others. Nevertheless, the government managed to keep the country afloat and Missis Gavrilița was right to say in her speech that in spite of these difficulties, she offered the country a chance. Obtaining the EU candidate status means offering this country a historic chance.

“Dorin Recean said from the start that he has three priorities. The first priority is to improve the efficiency of governance, discipline as dedication and discipline are needed in a crisis situation with threats, like those formulated the last few days. The second thing mentioned by the candidate designated for premiership is related to the economy, business. A business barometer was presented last week and we see that there is a crisis in this sphere. The security is the third priority,” stated Igor Boțan.

The expert noted that Natalia Gavrilița had to leave as the government led by her initially came to achieve other objectives that were set in a situation that didn’t imply so many dangers to security.

“It should be clear to everyone. Missis Gavrilița left because she was installed for something else. She was installed to ensure a development and a pace we saw earlier. It was a government that promised to fight corruption and to offer a European perspective. Things changed dramatically. All these plans were thwarted. To resist in this very difficult situation, we need to adopt new measures, not to change the perspective. The most important thing that the citizens need to realize is that this government and the new Cabinet need to maintain the European integration perspective. This government must ensure that the European integration course continues after its mandate comes to an end. These are our expectations,” said the expert

Igor Boțan noted that as opinion polls show, the people realize that it is hard, but they yet tend to blame those who promised to improve things in the country. Respectively, the expectations of the future government will remain rather big. But the future government needs to be more vigilant given the risks of destabilization.

“Besides those who support the pro-European development course and the current government, we have a section of people who are paid to take part in protests, to destabilize the situation. It is important that the government should not allow them to do this,” stated Igor Boțan.

The public debate entitled “Replacement of the Government: reasons and expectations?” was the 273rd installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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