Igor Boțan: Instead of an effervescent campaign there is total apathy

There will be no incisive political fight and this is the first time when we see such an anaemic election campaign. The opinion was expressed at "The characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019" public debates, organized by IPN and Radio Moldova and belongs to Igor Botan, the permanent expert of the project.

"We watch the campaign and see that it is a period that should be full of effervescent events, but in fact we have a total apathy," said Igor Botan. The expert said that the parties stormed the electoral councils to submit the documents for the registration of candidates only on the last day. "We will have candidates, but we will miss an incisive political fight, although we could have expected an interesting electoral competition," said Igor Botan.

According to the expert, the way the PDM governed the country has involved more than half of the mayors in criminal cases and no one wants "headaches" anymore. "We could have expected active actions from the Unionist trend. There are 11 Unionist parties, a dense representation on the political arena, but there are problems here,” said the expert.

According to Igor Boțan, as the election campaign unfolds, the results are predictable.

Igor Botan said that one cannot expect great performance from ACUM Bloc. "ACUM bloc never had structures developed throughout the country and it is not certain that they will have them. We can expect performances from the parties which, according to the financial reports given to the CEC, announce that they have more than 50,000 members and annual expenses of tens of millions of lei. If we look at ACUM Bloc, it has almost nothing ”, said the expert

In the debates, Igor Botan said that those who criticize the ACUM bloc would be the first to regret the collapse of the Bloc's alliance with PSRM. "Criticism must exist, but only in order to add value," said the expert.

According to Igor Botan, other political centers are needed in the Republic of Moldova, otherwise those in power would degrade. "It is necessary to restore the political spectrum. It would be great if these elections showed that there are emerging political forces that could become a serious opposition to the current government, which would criticise the power in a qualified way," said Igor Botan.

"The characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019" public debates, constitute the 117th edition of "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, held with the support of Hanns Seid German Foundation.


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