Igor Boțan: If it comes to early elections, the mixed system will favour PSRM

If the alliance between ACUM bloc and PSRM breaks down, early parliamentary elections, based on the mixed system, would ensue and at the rating that it has, the PSRM will win in the uninominal constituencies. The statement was made by expert Igor Botan in the public debates on "Relations between governance components: practice, expectations, challenges" subject, 116th edition of "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, organized by IPN Press Agency and Radio Moldova.

"Do ACUM Bloc critics want a situation in which the PSRM will win the early elections? The mixed system clearly favours PSRM. Yes, ACUM bloc must be criticized, the alliance must be criticized, but those who criticize do not have whom to put forward for the elections,” said Igor Botan.

According to the expert, ACUM Bloc has no alternative but to remain in alliance with PSRM and to propose to the society an exit from crisis. "From my point of view, there has to be a medium-term agreement to overcome the crisis," said the expert.

Igor Botan said that the alliance should communicate with the citizens and explain them what was happening in terms of appointments to public office. "What happened to the Constitutional Court elections was a failure, which the coalition must assume. As long as there is no framework law on appointments, such situations will continue to occur, compromising the government,” said the expert.

According to Igor Botan, the expectations of society are for people's lives to become better, which, at the moment, is not happening. “People get used to the good things quickly. The fear has disappeared, but people are wondering daily what do they put on the table for the children?”, said the expert, who stated that he has no expectations from the socialists, which are disciplined and know what they want. "I don't know if ACUM Bloc has a decision-making centre. As long as this centre does not exist, PSRM has a clear superiority in the coalition”, said Igor Botan, who expects the ACUM Bloc MPs to create such a decision-making centre.

Igor Botan also made some geopolitical clarifications. "By geopolitics in the Republic of Moldova we understand the signing of the Association Agreement. We know what we need to do in relation to the European Union. The rest are discussions without real base. Geopolitics also includes the subject of federalization of the country, but in a speculative way, because this is impossible at present,” said Igor Botan.

According to Igor Botan, the local elections are of interest only from the point of view of a possible worsening of the situation between ACUM Bloc and PSRM.

"Relations between governance components: practice, expectations, challenges" public debates constitute the 116th edition of "Developing political culture in public debates" cycle, held with the support of Hanns Seidel German Foundation.


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Relations between governance components: practice, expectations, challenges. IPN debates

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