Igor Boțan: Government will be helped if it fulfills commitments

If the people know how the money collected from the taxes they pay is spent, the government can bank on the people’s support and understanding, no matter how unfavorable the surroundings are. Communication is therefore needed. The authorities’ communication with society about the budget laws is important as the opposition’s observations on the state budget revenues are usually not based on calculations, as are the proposals concerning the plan for spending the public funds, Igor Boțan, permanent expert of the project, stated in IPN’s public debate “Budgetary-fiscal policy and budget for 2023: form and content in approach”.

The expert also referred to the communication between the business community and the authorities over the draft budgets.

“I, as a simple citizen, want those who realize things in depth (business community) to discuss with the government through the agency of the specialized civil society institutions when such documents are being considered. As regards the famers, they have their own associations through which they promote their interests. Imbalances can be avoided this way,” stated Igor Boțan.

He noted that the stimulation of those who deal with energy issues, especially those who operate in the rentable energy sector, is very important.

Asked to pronounce on the opinion of his panel mate Alexandru Fală, program director at the Independent Think Tank “Expert-Grup”, who said that the budget deficit the next year could rise to US$1 billion and financial resources to cover this will have to be sought from the development partners, the expert noted “several elements”. “Credibility. If those who are in charge of the budget are credible, the gaps can be filled. Making progress in the areas in which we undertook commitments is another aspect. The development partners realize that there are areas where things cannot be brought to normality without their support. The credibility enjoyed now by the government in Chisinau is a guarantee that the necessary funds will be obtained, on condition that the executive fulfills the assumed commitments,” concluded the expert.

The public debate entitled “Budgetary-fiscal policy and budget for 2023: form and content in approach” was the 270th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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