Igor Boțan: Coalition formed by PDM and PSRM would be most “natural” one

The executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT Igor Boțan said a coalition that would be formed by the Party of Specialists (PSRM) and the Democratic Party (PDM) in the new Parliament would be the most “natural” one. According to him, the formation of such a coalition hasn’t been made public yet because the Socialists are experienced persons and understand that the real power remains in the hands of the Democrats, IPN reports.

“There could be smoke curtains, but I’m firmly convinced that people from the PDM and the PSRM have discussions behind the scenes, including about the real power held by the Democrats,” Igor Boțan stated in the talk show “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8 channel.

Former MP Stela Jantuan noted the variant of snap elections hasn’t been excluded from the start as the situation in Moldova changed compared with the previous period, when all kinds of political mishmashes with buying of MPs and parliamentary majorities were applied in the name of the Republic of Moldova and the people’s wellbeing. “Now such things will not work as a component that appeared amid protests entered the new Parliament. This platform that constituted the bloc ACUM was rather popular not only with protesters of the right, but also with undecided voters of the left,” stated Stela Jantuan. According to her, great pressure is exerted by society and this will prevent things from following the old path.  

Journalist Vlad Țurcanu, ex-presidential adviser, said the snap elections are a variant, but particular steps should be taken until then. New elements appeared and these cannot be treated as the previous ones. Earlier, the left was resolute about its options, but now the wishes of the bloc ACUM are more clear and it is known what the Democratic Party wants approximately, but the Party of Socialists is not very clear in its options. It flirts either with the bloc ACUM or with the PDM. Negotiations are most probably held in secret this time as well.

At the recent parliamentary elections, none of the competing political parties won a majority of seats of MP to be able to ensure a legislative majority by oneself. No government coalition has been formed so far.

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