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The patriarch of the national policy, founder of the Moldovan political centrism Dumitru Diacov emanates optimism. Given his rich experience as a member of Parliament in six legislatures and ex-Speaker, he can dare to make forecasts based not only on intuition, but also on knowledge of the manners of the Moldovan political class for which he became a kind of benchmark. In the program “Truth live” broadcast on October 15, 2018, the president of honor of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) Dumitru Diacov said he sees no problem if the PDM after the parliamentary elections will sit at the negotiating table with any party that will gain the people’s vote.

Dumitru Diacov’s statements confirm that the essence of political centrism resides in the openness to any combination, either with the political right or with the political left. In Romania, the parties with such strategic options are called hinges. In specialized literature, the parties of this kind are called catch-all. The practical aspects of the given option should be noted here. The point is the visions of the PDM’s president of honor are embraced by the party’s golden generation. A pertinent confirmation is the assertion of the PDM vice president, Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu, who, immediately after the eighth congress of December 24, 2016 noted: “The PD has always been a party of the center, with center-left elements. However, our proposals inclined rather to the right. It is now the case to concentrate on what center-left means and to build a European left”. The given approach was confirmed by another vice president of the PDM, ex-president of the party Marian Lupu, in the matter concerning the name of the official language of the Republic of Moldova, which from scientific viewpoint is Romanian, while from practical viewpoint is Moldovan. The second derivative of this gashing scientific-practical relativism is that this can be itself revised at any moment. This is how the device called hinge works.

The problem is that such behavior has an impact on the PDM’s recent effort to amend the Constitution. The PDM is now trying to persuade the parliamentary pro-European groups of the right to support the enshrining of the European integration course in the Constitution, while the given groups oppose or hesitate. The reason for hesitation is evident. What’s the use of declaring itself a center-left party when the PDM actually admits that it promotes policies of the right? What’s the use of admitting that the official language from scientific viewpoint is Romanian if it’s suitable for the PDM to consider it Moldovan from practical viewpoint? What’s the use of setting in 2009 the goal of ending the political war if the PDM from practical viewpoint liquidated all of its former allies that accepted its coalition forming rules? What’s the use of announcing the finding of the stolen US$ 1 billion a priority when, in practical terms, three prime ministers, two of whom signed the Government’s guarantees for covering the loans released to the robbed banks and one made the repayment of the money the people’s burden through the assumption of responsibility, are members of the current government controlled by the PDM? Finally, the parliamentary remains of the pro-European parties wonder – what’s the use of enshrining the European integration in the Constitution on the PDM’s initiative if, in practical terms, the PDM will promote the policies that suit it so as to remain in power?   

Nevertheless, no one should have illusions as to the fact that the optimism of the president of honor of the PDM is well-founded as there were other dramatic political situations from which the PDM emerged victorious. It happened so on March 16, 2012, when, for the sake of political stability, upright politicians accepted the hinge compromise. Moreover, there were cases when stubborn politicians of the ranks of Prime Minister and President, who initially opposed the initiatives and policies pursued by the PDM, later recognized the mistakes and apologized for them. And it happened because the PDM has persuasion methods and means and those who do not want to cooperate with the PDM, but are wanted as allies by this have to concede even if they intuit what their future will be like... 

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