Identity March to be staged in Chisinau in connection with Days of Romanians Everywhere

Representatives of the League of Bessarabian Students and of the public association “National Idea” on the occasion of the Days of Romanians Everywhere will mount an “Identity March”. The event is planned for Friday and participants will set off from the intersection of Grigore Vieru Blvd and Romana St in the capital city. “The march is a sign of our determination to affirm our Romanian identity and promote our common values and traditions,” said the event organizers.

In a press conference hosted by IPN, the head of the League of Bessarabian Students Nicoleta German said that the event set to start at 02:00 p.m. is an opportunity for everyone to assume their Romanian identity with pride and determination. “During the March, while heading towards the pedestrian street, we will prepare a number of surprises for the participants. During the event, we will deliver a strong campaign-message, affirming our commitment to the pro-Western direction and promoting the vote “for” the European integration in the referendum. We are waiting for you to join in this endeavor, regardless of your political and ethnic affiliation,” noted the young woman.

Nicoleta German also said that the “Identity March” is a moment of unity and solidarity, and each participant is important in the joint effort to build a better society for all citizens of the Republic of Moldova. “During the march, we will stage two surprise flashmob gatherings to add extra dynamism and enthusiasm to the event. At the end, we will have an exceptional musical program that will delight all the senses. We invite especially all those who own national costumes, a national blouse to join the event and proudly weari our cultural and identity symbols,” said the League’s head.

Silviu Popa, a member of the League of Bessarabian Students, said that the Days of Romanians Everywhere are dedicated to the unity and solidarity of all the Romanians. Through this day, the Romanian culture, traditions are promoted and the spiritual and cultural ties between all the Romanian communities are reaffirmed. “The event we organize on Friday at 02:00 p.m. becomes an opportunity to reaffirm the ties and celebrate the identity and to be proud of our Romanian identity. We invite all those who feel they are Romanians,” noted Silviu Popa.

Petru Ciobanu, president of the public association “National Idea”, said the young people are not influenced by the values and propaganda of the occupation regimes. On the contrary, the young people are a pure mind, open to knowledge and truth. “The young people are the main category that must assume their Romanian identity because they can do much more. For this reason, we come with a clear and firm message that on May 24, at 02:00 p.m., where Grigore Vieru Blvd starts, we will all come, from small to older, to the March of Romanians Everywhere – a day when we can affirm our Romanian identity,” stated Petru Ciobanu.

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