I want a voter pool that aspires to prosperity, Lib-Dem MP

Liberal Democrat (PLDM) MP Ghenadie Ciobanu whishes that Moldova was part of the civilized world, that the citizens were an informed voter pool with aspirations towards a prosperous future, and without nostalgia towards the Soviet past. A statement on the matter was made during the “Weapon, art and burden of political compromise” public debate, organized by the Info-Prim Neo Press Agency. Ghenadie Ciobanu claims that the Moldovan society needs evolution, which is not possible without political compromise. Meanwhile, the MP says that there is need for experienced politicians, who would be responsible towards their citizens, and have a permanent dialogue on stringent issues. “What responsibility do we assume, where do we lead the citizen?” wondered the MP, who claims that is yet to understand where the opposition is leading the citizens. “We should have a more developed society, with professional people, and be part of international processes. Ideology, for me, is one thing, but situation is another; Moldovan Communists have a special characteristic, they use people’s nostalgia. I think it is well-known who our voters are; I would wish for a voter pool that is part of the civilization, not lingering in nostalgia towards the past, but aspire to a bright and prosperous future”, said the MP during the debates. Ghenadie Ciobanu mentioned that some Parties hunt only for the voters loyal to them, some see everything in black, others in white, but in this case other ways should be chosen; at the concept level, more profoundly, society’s highest needs must be reached. “Compromise is an issue within the European Integration Alliance (AIE), but it is still being reached”, the Liberal-Democrat MP mentioned. Ghenadie Ciobanu stressed that the AIE sought a compromise opportunity with the opposition. “You were appointed Deputy Speaker of the Parliament”, he told to Communist MP Artur Resetnicov. “The proposal to participate at the resolution of the constitutional crisis was a step towards compromise, we proposed this step, but it is not compromise if you reject the proposed candidate; you did not accept our step, you had categorical, adverse positions, you did not go for compromise”, Ghenadie Ciobanu highlighted. The public debate “The weapon, art and burden of political compromise” took place on Monday, July 23, and is the seventh of such activities, part of the “Developing political culture in public debates” project, organized with the support of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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