I cannot imagine how former AEI colleagues can sit at negotiating table, MP

Communist MP Artur Reshetnikov said that he cannot imagine how the former colleagues from the Alliance for European Integration can sit at the negotiating table after they made accusations against each other. He made the statement in the public debate “Culture of the political crisis: realities, necessities and norms” that was held at IPN News Agency on March 19.

”Fortunately, the Communist Party wasn’t a partner of the ruling parties and didn’t take part in the talks. But we saw what they discussed in 2009 and 2010 and presume that they discuss again ‘principles and values’. I cannot imagine how they can sit at the negotiating table after some of them accused the others of being corrupt, while others threatened all of them with the coming of Moscow,” said Artur Reshetnicov.

He considers that owing to the political crisis, society saw how the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the Liberal Party ruled. “They committed thefts and crimes and hid them. If they forgive each other now, what will they do during a year? They will rule the same way, or even worse! It’s illogical to hold talks with those whom you accused of serious crimes. The negotiations are not viable and credible. The only instrument is to allow the people to decide by elections,” he stated.

Artur Reshetnikov said that some of the political crises witnessed during 20 years were solved, while others were not. “There are examples of successfully overcoming the political crisis. A serious crisis was avoided in 2005, when the PCRM won a majority of seats in Parliament, but could not elect the head of state. They reached a compromise then. They allowed the opposition to control some of the institutions. Giving the people the right to decide is a democratic instrument for solving a political crisis. We do not understand why the ruling parties are afraid to allow the people to choose their future. The current legislature lost the mandate offered by the people,” he said.

According to him, all the politicians who consider themselves Democratic appeal to the people and hold elections, while the government should be for the people, not for political interests.

The debate “Culture of the political crisis: realities, necessities and norms” forms part of a series of public debates organized by IPN News Agency within the project “Development of political culture by public debates”, which is supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation

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