How will kindergartens work from September 1, instructions

Until the kindergarten is reopened, the local public authorities or the private founder, together with the director, must ensure the proper functioning of this in conditions of pandemic. More exactly, they must clean up the territory, perform insect and rat killing works and ensure the necessary quantity of liquid soap, detergent and disinfectant, protective equipment and noncontact thermometers for measuring the body temperature of children and employees, say the instructions formulated by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission that are quoted by IPN.

Under the document, the groups will be opened gradually, with 7-8 children aged 2-4 years and with 10-12 children aged 4- 6(7) years, depending on the area of the room. Kindergarten attendance can be based on shifts, on a daily or weekly regime or 10-12 children can attend the institution by two consecutive weeks. There will be by two educators and an educator assistant for each group.

The local public authorities or the private founder will decide the child admission policy and will fill the groups primarily with children of healthcare workers, police officers, educators and children from socially deprived families. They will set a work program of at most 7-9 hours, with the presence of children at the kindergarten during 5-7 hours. The parents will be recommended to take the children home earlier, according to possibilities.

It is banned holding matinees, birthday parties, trips, tourist marches, contests with the involvement of children from other groups/education institutions or of parents/legal representatives of children, etc.

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