How to prepare children for cold season, pediatrician

Each parent should prepare the child for the cold season since summer. The children can strengthen their health by having a cold shower, swimming, practicing sport and eating correctly, primarily food rich in vitamins and minerals. Now that we are in October, the children should be given a complex of vitamins and minerals for a period, pediatrician Ludmila Chiriac stated for IPN.

Vaccination against seasonal flu should not be neglected. “The children should be vaccinated in October so that they develop antibodies by December-January and can fight seasonal flu,” explained the doctor.

If the child is healthy and didn’t suffer from viral infections the previous year, this should not be necessarily taken to a specialist. The children who are predisposed to respiratory infections and have other diseases concomitantly should see a pediatrician who will provide them with an individual program for strengthening one’s health.

Now that it is yet warm, the children should go for a walk to woods and parks after lessons, after kindergarten. Even when the temperatures are lower, the parents should go for a walk with the children, including with babies, if it’s not windy and the temperatures are not lower than minis 10 degrees Celsius

A healthy lifestyle is key. “I meet with parents who do not eat meat. They are vegetarians and impose a vegetarian diet on their children. I explain to them that the children need quantities of proteins to grow and for their brain to develop,” stated Ludmila Chiriac.
She noted that, in general, a child does not need medicines or something special for the cold season, but should lead a healthy lifestyle and sleep well, walk in the open air and eat more fruit and vegetables as these contain most of the vitamins.

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