How to prepare child for school in conditions of pandemic, psychologist

When a child is prepared for school, it is important to make reference to what is good and nice and to what he will like to do when going to school, said psychologist Daniela Ursu. “When we prepare a child for school, it is good to get ready emotionally. The parents often use the school as a factor that will force the child to do something. “You should learn as it is hard at school”, “You should do this as it will be difficult for you” and these negative emotions that the child has in association with school have an impact when they go to school,” the psychologist explained for IPN.

The preparing of the child for school is more difficult this year owing to the pandemic. For the child not to be confused by so many rules that should be respected, the parents should explain these rules through games, using guidebooks, films. “Sociological surveys show in the situation in which we are, the parents are more concerned that the children,” stated Daniela Ursu.

“The parents are those who transmit this tension and anxiety to children. If the mother and father feel well and explain to the child the rules through games and stories, the child will be fine too. The child is receptive to the emotions, feelings, experiences of parents.”

According to her, the children are the mirror or parents. “Do you see what happens? Many children, teens on units of transport refuse to wear masks. Why? Because they heard at home that this is not so important, serious and it goes to some inventions,” said Daniela Ursu.

The children who goes to the first grade can be helped by designing a regime for them, taking care of their daily menu. In fact, the rules didn’t change. They just became more important during the pandemic and should be strictly respected.

“If the mother or father lost the job, are concerned, work a lot online and do not have time for children, the child will react like in a mirror and will adjust with difficulty. We must be near the children, help them to learn these rules during the first weeks and ask them what they liked or didn’t like at school each day when taking them home. The child should be allowed to talk much as he tells us what he feels and expresses his emotions by relating,” stated Daniela Ursu.

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