How to assess promise made by a politician. IPN debate

According to studies, the pre-electoral programs of the candidates for eligible posts are only 30% fulfilled, with the largest part of the promises being undeliverable. First of all because these promises are not based on economic and financial calculations. For the voters, such approaches are yet secondary. They prefer to believe the politicians and all kinds of justifications. Why don’t they practice the critical and demanding assessment of the activity of authorities? The participants in IPN’s public debate “How to assess the promise made by a politician” looked for an answer to this question.

Jurist Ștefan Gligor, IPN projects’ standing expert, is sure that the work of politicians can be measured only against the wellbeing of the country’s population. “I refer to clear economic indicators, but we do not yet have politicians who can ensure the constant growth of Moldova’s welfare,” stated the expert.
“The people want wellbeing and security now and the politicians speculate on this wish. Most of them enter politics not in order to make effort to achieve results by unpopular measures that would not be supported by society. Through the agency of sociological polls, they learn what people’s expectations are and formulate undeliverable promises. The poorer is the social category of voters, the higher is the risk of bribery and influence of propaganda and misinformation.

“The voter does not see the tie between his poverty and the politician’s opulence. He is tolerant of corruption. He considers that if the politician already stole, this will no longer steal. But the corrupt politician will never stop. He will hatch new schemes, will increase the turnover and will try to subdue all the branches of power.”

Expert in international relations and security Valeriu Ostalep said the politicians know a priori that they will not fulfill their promises and this is political fraud. “They exploit the society’s capacity to understand the sociopolitical and economic problems, displaying criminal arrogance, telling stories and being sure that they will not be held accountable,” explained the expert.

On the other hand, he noted that these politicians are the product of society of which they form part. “The politicians project what society is ready to receive. If society categorically rejected political swindle and expressed its dissatisfaction with lie and manipulation, those who would intend to cheat the people would not have any chance,” noted Valeriu Ostalep.

He considers the Moldovan political class was transposed to virtual forms and does not have any connection with the reality. “It looks nice on paper, but life is different. Even the best European laws will not function if society does not grow mature and does not understand the quality of its culture. We should criticize the politicians more often, reveal their lies, speak about deviations and will then have a chance,” stated Valeriu Ostalep.

Transparency International Moldova executive director Lilia Carasciuc shared the same opinion. “We must admonish and keep a close eye on our politicians,” she stated, noting that a lot depends on society and the people should not vote for cans and other presents that make them change their option.

She believes that the activity of politicians can be measured only by the result of their work. “We are close to elections and it’s easy to give grades to the President’s work. We must only open the Constitution, familiarize ourselves with his powers and think what he did as the guarantor of the sovereignty and independence and as the commander of the armed forces... What did he do to change the judicial system so that persons with a dubious past do not belong there? What did he do to ensure energy security?” explained the expert.

She considers that the people should be surveyed about the work done by the Government, Parliament and President. But before this, the people should be explained the powers and role of the politicians. This way the populism and lie among politicians will be reduced and the voters will stop to forgive the politicians and to make fun of them and will realize that democracy on which we bank is this way destroyed,” stated Lilia Carasciuc.

The debate “How to assess the promise made by a politician” was organized as part of the mini-series “We and the President: who elects who and who represents who?” that forms part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates”. IPN News Agency stages the public debates with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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