Hospitals used up reserves of Factor VIII needed by persons suffering from hemophilia

The medical institutions of Moldova used up the reserves of Factor VIII, which is used to coagulate blood. No other quantities have been purchased yet due to a failed tender. In such a situation, the persons suffering from hemophilia, who are in a serious state, may die, said the head of the Association of Hemophilia of Moldova Ghenadie Ostrofet.

Contacted by IPN, Ghenadie Ostrofet said that most of the persons suffering from hemophilia have orthopedic problems. Unfortunately, they cannot be operated in Moldova. The surgeries are very difficult and dangerous. In the neighboring states, such operations are performed successfully. In Moldova, not even the well-trained specialists want to become involved as the risk of death is too high. Large quantities of Factor VIII are needed to stop bleeding during operations.

“The operations and prosthesis are performed individually. As the association’s head, after 2004 I managed to organize two operations on articulations aboard, in Kazakhstan and Moscow. The costs were covered by the Association of Hemophilia of Russia, while the central authorities of Chisinau have contributed nothing. The doctors and the authorities are completely indifferent,” said Ghenadie Ostrofet.

He also said that low quantities of Factor VIII have been bought by tender contests during two years. The preparation is distributed to the two national hemophilia treatment centers – one for children and another one for adults. The medicine is used only for serious cases. The rest of the patients are treated with cryoprecipitate and karyoplasms, which have been banned in Europe long ago.

According to Ghenadie Ostrofet, a cooperation program was signed between the association of Moldova and the World Federation of Hemophilia. One of the provisions says that the Moldovan side must purchase 1.0 units of Factor VIII per capita. Another provision stipulates that the Ministry of Health will allocate 10 million lei for purchasing the preparation. 2.4 million lei has been allocated so far, but this money remains suspended owing to the failed tender.

The National Health Insurance Company must allocate another 10 million lei for purchasing Factor VIII and IX that will be distributed gratis in drugstores. The persons suffering from hemophilia will be able to receive them based on prescription. The tender contest will take place at the end of April. If it is successful, Factor IX used to treat hemophilia of type B will be released to Moldova for the first time.

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